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CribWrap® Convertible Crib Rail Cover

The CribWrap® Rail Cover protects your baby from ingesting wood, stain or varnish; and protects your convertible crib investment from unsightly teeth marks.

A soft Sherpa fleece padded fabric piece simply wraps and ties onto the crib rails. It stays in place once installed, and deters your baby from chewing on the wood. The waterproof backing protects the wood surface from potential moisture.

The CribWrap® Rail Cover is offered in a variety of colors in 2 options - 1 long piece, or a set of 2 short pieces. It coordinates with virtually any nursery décor.

Protect your baby and protect your crib from teeth marks with this super soft fleece crib rail guard! Our CribWrap® Convertible Crib Rail Cover is the perfect solution to protect the wood on your convertible crib. No more teeth marks! Safer for baby. The rail guard is easy to install, just wrap and tie on-no velcro to mess around with! This crib rail protector has a waterproof layer to protect the wood from moisture. Your teething baby won't ruin their crib with this crib rail cover protecting it! Available in a long piece for the front of your crib or 2 side pieces for the sides of the crib. Don't wait until it's too late, protect your crib investment today!

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